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A Visit to Dingxi

Our China Nutrition Director, Cindy, was able to visit the Dingxi orphanage for the first time recently. Dingxi is in a remote, poor area of China, an hour and half from the city of Lanzhou. Steed, our Dingxi Nutrition Manager, joined Cindy on the visit.

Cindy reports that the orphanage is small, but clean and neat and that Director Yang and the staff were very attentive to the children. Seven of the children are currently on formula provided by LWB’s nutrition program. As you can see from the pictures here, the babies are eating up the formula and growing big and strong.

The little guy that Cindy is holding in the top photo couldn’t stop chewing on his fingers! Cindy reports he was teething and was very busy with those fingers. He is growing strong on the LWB formula and will hopefully be ready soon for a surgery to remove a tumor from his colon.

This cute little guy above is considered by the staff to be the smartest baby. Cindy reports that he babbled and talked the entire time she held him and he didn’t seem to care if he was understood or not – he had things to say! His adoption paperwork has been filed and he’s looking for his forever family. Just look at those gorgeous eyes!

I just love the above photo of Cindy and this little guy – he’s one healthy, chubby, happy baby. Cindy reports that he is very sweet and happy and always has a smile on his face. His face is like a full-moon, especially when he smiles. He’s another Dingxi cutie whose adoption paperwork has been filed, so he’s also on the lookout for his Mom and Dad.

This Dingxi beauty has cerebral palsy. Her nannies told Cindy that she has made tremendous progress this year being able to stand on her own and can walk by holding onto a hand or the wall. Her nannies asked if she could get some therapy to really help her take off!

Cindy was happy to be able to visit Dingxi, meet the Director, staff and babies and report back to us at LWB. We are so thankful to Cindy and Steed for the great work they do to support the LWB nutrition program in China. Thank you also to our Dingxi nutrition sponsors who are helping these little ones to grow healthy so they can find their forever families!

MaryHelen Donnelly lives in upstate NY with her daughter who was adopted from the Chongqing Fuling SWI in January, 2007.

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