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A visit to Heartbridge

Our Heartbridge medical unit is located upstairs at the Hope Healing Home, and is run by the amazing Dr. Joyce Hill. As the number of surgeries we did each month increased, so did the number of children who truly needed intensive post op care. This 9 bed medical unit takes in children who are either too weak for their surgeries or else who need specialized one on one care following their operations.

Recently one of our LWB facilitators made his first visit to Heartbridge. We know you will love seeing some of the photos he took that day. It is hard to believe that these babies were among the most vulnerable of all, as now they are thriving with TLC.

The very best news of all is when one of these beautiful children “graduates”, which means they are well enough to move into foster care or back to their home orphanage to prepare for adoption. Recently, one of our sickest heart children, sweet Li, received his “graduation papers”. He is now in a loving foster home with his very own mama and baba. When we received his photos, I think everyone at LWB gave a collective shout of “HOORAY!”. This couldn’t possibly be the tiny little baby who needed a breathing tube for so long. This was a robust and happy toddler who is the picture of health.

Each child at Heartbridge is an absolute miracle to us. Thanks to everyone who helps support these children who face critical medical needs.

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