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A Visit to Xinxiang

The foster care team had a great visit to the Xinxiang orphanage and the foster care families today. It was a beautiful fall day, and all the children were excited to have visitors. Our volunteers were so happy  to visit with three of our Henan Cleft Healing Home graduates. Many of you might remember Neil, Isaiah, and Eoin. All three boys are doing beautifully in foster care and have bonded great with their new foster moms. Eoin wins the “Mr. Moose” award as he was quite heavy to hold!

Sweet Isaiah – HCHH grad

Neil was all smiles

Eoin won the “Chunky Monkey” award

We have moved two children with Down Syndrome into foster care in Xinxiang, and the orphanage staff told us that they are just amazed at their progress now that they are in a one-on-one setting. We think it is pretty obvious how much Junie loves her mama! Our foster care director encouraged the orphanage to file adoption paperwork on both children, to give them a chance at finding a permanent family.

Junie loves her foster mom, and the feeling is mutual!

Our team had a wonderful time visiting with all the other kids as well.  Lauren, who is always so welcoming to our foster care manager, invited her newfound friends into her home. She is being adopted to the US in just a few weeks, and our team already introduced her to the Silly Bandz craze. As you will see from this photo, Lauren decided Silly Bandz are pretty wonderful to adorn your wrists!

Thank you for the gifts!

Our volunteers were really taken with Daniel. He has been on the shared list for quite some time, with no family choosing him yet. He has severe scoliosis, and really needs to be adopted to get the proper medical treatment. He was SO sociable, talking to everyone and wanting to be right in the action. He loved the ball and racecars our team gave him. We are really hoping that a family will see his photo and want more information on him. He is such a smart and fun little boy, and he hasn’t let his scoliosis stop him in any way. He really needs a family so that he can have the future he deserves!  If you would like more information on Daniel, please contact us at adoptionassistance@lwbmail.com.

I am waiting for a family – could it be you??

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