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A Glimpse into a Volunteer’s Visit

Love Without Boundaries functions as a virtual foundation and is run by volunteers from a variety of states and countries around the world. Most volunteers dream of one day visiting the program into which they pour their hearts and meeting some of the children they know only “virtually” through photos. One LWB volunteer, Diana Cheng, recently made time during a vacation to visit the program she coordinates, and we asked her to share some of this experience with LWB Community:

My name is Diana Cheng, and I have been a long-time supporter of Love Without Boundaries. In Fall 2009, I started volunteering for LWB as the Xinxiang Foster Care coordinator. In a short period of time, I have worked closely with our on-site manager and the LWB Foster Care Director and have gotten to “know” the children in our foster care program — if only on paper and via the computer screen. When the opportunity arose for my daughter and me to take a trip to China for spring break, we seized the opportunity to include Xinxiang in our plans in order to personally visit these beautiful children of Xinxiang.

At the end of April, we arrived in China, toured through various regions and completed our trip with an amazing visit to Xinxiang, situated in the Henan Province.   Being greeted by our LWB Foster Care Coordinator, Peter Zhao, and the Xinxiang Foster Care Coordinator, Li Jia, was lovely! We spent time at the Xinxiang SWI and also visited the five foster families that care for our seven children currently in the program.  We were warmly embraced by Director Zhang and Assistant Director Li who were kind and gracious throughout our visit and provided us with a tour of the SWI.  Among some of the rooms we visited were their health clinic, physical therapy room and classroom for older children with moderate special needs.  In addition, we were able to see the frail and vulnerable babies, toddlers and young children with varying degrees of cerebral palsy or physical other physical disabilities.  It touched us greatly.

After the SWI tour, we were able to visit with each of the foster families and provide toys to each of the seven children in our foster care program. It was truly wonderful to see the loving manner in which the foster children are cared for despite the limited means of many of our foster families; these children are thriving in their environment.  Each of the families was so appreciative of the help and support they receive from the orphanage, Love Without Boundaries, and our sponsors.  With the support of many of our friends and family, we were also able deliver much-needed milk, vitamins, whey powder and medicines for the children.

The Xinxiang orphanage is over 60 years old. This makes me particularly happy to share the news that the orphanage will be moving to a new facility by the end of this year.  I hope you’ll enjoy just of few of the many photos were took of our memorable trip.

We currently have two children from Xinxiang who need foster sponsors — Annie and Neil.  Please visit our sponsorship page to see their darling faces and learn how you can become part of this wonderful foster care program!

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