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A Wonderful “Gain” for Theris!

This soulful little guy came to LWB from his orphanage in Hunan needing heart surgery to repair a VSD. We want to share the story of how he was healed by the help of Gain laundry detergent and a big-hearted supporter who was determined to make a difference in a child’s life.

Some of you may remember that in the summer of 2011, we posted information on Facebook about a contest sponsored by Gain.  It was called “Smell Like a Million Bucks,” and three gentlemen in Washington State had entered this contest together by making a video. We asked our supporters to consider voting for this video because Lance, who was trying to win the top prize, had offered to make a donation to LWB if he succeeded.  Well, thanks to efforts by many people, including some LWB supporters, they won the contest!  In August, Lance (seen above with Suzanne Damstedt, LWB’s Orphanage Assistance Director) and his friends kept their promise to LWB by agreeing to sponsor a heart surgery.

Lance’s grandfather was a man named Theris.  In order to honor this great group of guys, we gave one of our newest “heart babies” this special name.

Last week Theris had his heart surgery in Shanghai. It went very well, and he is supposed to be discharged today!

Thank you to Lance and his friends for using some of your winnings to help save a child’s life.  Theris will always be our “Gain” baby!

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  • valeta dye says:

    Thanks for sending this to mom and me. She was very happy to get this information. She was so happy to know that they named the baby Theris. Way to go!!!!! Valeta

  • Carla says:

    Way to go Lance and all who helped you! I am sure that my Uncle Theris, your grandfather, is very proud of you all.

  • Crystal says:

    I’ve known Lance for many years. None of this surprises me. That’s just the kind of guy he is. Good and decent. Wish there were more like him in this world. Good on you Lance!!!