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A Year With Val

This week as we look back on 2016, we want to concentrate on the success of our healing homes programs.  The reality is that every baby who came through the doors of our homes could be featured, as each one was in need of specialized care due to their medical needs.  It’s difficult to pick just a few to highlight, but today we want to tell you about a very special little girl named Val.

The first ten months of Val’s life were a true struggle. Born with Down Syndrome and a heart condition, she was struggling to gain weight at her orphanage. Just surviving each day exhausted little Val. She desperately needed heart surgery but didn’t have the weight or strength needed to get through such a big operation.

Val 1.16

Val entered the hospital for a round of IV pneumonia medication and soon came to stay with us at our Heartbridge Healing Home.

Val 4.1.16

At first, lying quietly was pretty much all she had energy for. However, with the time and attention of her Heartbridge nannies, Val began to light up and discover the world around her.

After having heart surgery in April, Val really began to really feel great and her true playful personality came out. We couldn’t even believe this was the same baby girl we met in January!

In November, Val graduated from Heartbridge and now lives with a foster family. She appears to have made a wonderful adjustment. Her foster grandma is working with her on her motor skills, and Val is now standing on her own!

What a huge accomplishment for a little girl who could barely lift her head when we first met her ten months earlier. We have no doubt that Val will soon be taking her first steps and keeping her foster grandma on her toes at all times.

Val, you inspire us! We are so proud of how far you have come in one year’s time and know you’ll continue to bring joy to those around you.

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