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Aaron’s Journey

Since the early days of his life, Aaron has been in LWB care. Aaron’s life has been touched by a broad range of LWB programs — Medical, Healing Homes, Nutrition, Education, Foster Care and Advocacy — each one working together to benefit one special little boy.

Aaron baby

In late April 2011, a darling boy started his journey in LWB’s hands. Born with a meningocele (spinal tumor), little Aaron was quickly moved to the hospital where he underwent a complex neurosurgery which also required the placement of a shunt. Following that surgery, Aaron was in need of the specialized care that our Heartbridge Healing Home nannies are so skilled in giving. He was a tiny little guy who won hearts with a big toothless smile that lit up the room.


Aaron recovered from his surgeries, steadily gained weight and blossomed under the watchful eyes of his nannies. Once healed, Aaron entered LWB’s Huainan foster care program where he was able to benefit from another LWB program:  Nutrition.

Aaron cereal

Aaron was still quite small and needed extra nutrients that came from specialized formula and baby cereal that our Nutrition program and donors provided for Aaron. He spent his time in foster care learning how to play with toys, eat solid foods, crawl and even pull to a stand with help.

Aaron 2011

Aaron eventually required additional care to help him continue to grow and thrive, so he was sent to the former LWB True Children’s Healing Home (TCHH) in Fujian. When Aaron arrived at TCHH, he was very quiet and timid, in need of the extra attention he found in the arms of the TCHH nannies. Aaron eventually rewarded his nannies and sponsors with award winning smiles that showed off his sunny personality. Aaron found confidence in his daily routine and devoted nannies.

10.13.13 Aaron

It was a very good thing that Aaron had been placed at TCHH. He suddenly became sick and had to be rushed to the local hospital. A hospital stay can be very scary, but one of Aaron’s dedicated nannies stayed with him the entire time giving him a sense of comfort and safety.

Aaron 2012

Once recovered, Aaron was moved back into the Huainan foster care program into a family where he could receive physical therapy nearby and finally have his adoption file prepared. He was also enrolled our Believe in Me school in Huainan where he now has many friends. Aaron is said to be quite a character and can make everyone around him laugh!

Aaron friends 2015

Aaron became a bit of a social butterfly and blossomed into a happy boy who loves playing outside with his classmates. He especially enjoys playing on the slide at his school!

Aaron slide 2015

Aaron has been available for adoption for some time. A little boy with needs such as his could have waited for many years to be chosen. However, our Adoption Advocacy team worked very hard to bring news of Aaron’s adoption status to potential adoptive families. We were thrilled to learn that he has been matched with a family hoping to travel to adopt him later this year!

Aaron 2.16

Aaron has touched so many people, and we are so thankful to the many programs and sponsors who have helped support this special little boy.

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