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Adam is Back on His Feet

I first “met” Adam when I was volunteering with LWB’s education program. He held a determined look in his little eyes. I learned that Adam had been born with multiple medical issues including a heart defect, a spinal meningocele, hydrocephalus and club feet. That’s a lot for one little guy to deal with!

Following his spinal surgery and prolonged hospitalizations, Adam was placed in an LWB sponsored foster family in Loudi, Hunan. Even with the more individualized care of a foster family, Adam showed significant developmental delays. Missy, our LWB education director wanted to try something new – a headstart program of sorts – and so we funded an enrichment program for him with the goal of additional TLC and stimulation.

At about the same time, the opportunity arose for Adam to travel to Guilin to have his club feet corrected. Karen, in LWB medical, secured his spot and sent him for treatment. Correcting club feet through casting is a long process, but he completed the casting and moved on to bracing. He has been living with a wonderful foster family for a year now.

Missy’s “headstart” initiative has provided the family with quality developmental toys for Adam and he’s caught up nicely in so many ways. This foster family loves Adam dearly and cares for him wonderfully. He continues to blossom with each passing report. His photos just ooze love and joy – and hope.

We recently learned that Adam’s heart defect has closed on its own, his feet are correcting nicely with close attention to his bracing and skin care by his foster family, he enjoys counting in both Chinese and English, and he pulled to standing for the first time recently!
And perhaps most exciting is the news that his orphanage his submitted his paperwork to make him eligible for adoption!

The progress this child has made has truly been a cooperative effort with nearly every LWB program touching his life in some way for the better. Each sponsor that has supported him has forever changed the course of Adam’s life. I can’t wait to celebrate with all who’ve watched his progress when we finally hear that he has been chosen by a forever family to call his own.

Melissa Widenhofer lives with her husband and three children in Maryland. Her youngest child was adopted from Hunan, China in 2005. She is honored to be able to serve the children still waiting through LWB.

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