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On a routine day in late April, a quiet little girl was admitted to Anhui Healing Home. She had traveled from a rural province of China to be cared for through LWB to prepare for her needed cleft lip surgery.


Meet Adaya, born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and placed into the hands of loving caregivers at AHH who would make sure that she received the care she needed. While Adaya may have started out as shy, her true personality quickly appeared.She is a happy and extroverted little girl who likes to laugh and will giggle loudly when she is gently teased by her caregivers.


Prior to surgery, Adaya’s lip was taped, which is a routine procedure that involves placing tape over the site on the lip where the surgery would take place. Adaya took it all in stride; her smiles could light up a room!

Adaya was admitted to the hospital for her cleft lip repair on May 4th. Her surgery went well and she did not have any complications. She was then discharged back to AHH to recover under the doting care of the nannies there.

Since her cleft lip repair, Adaya has been a busy girl. She had a couple of days of not feeling well but after that, her shining personality was back. She has a new smile, revealing two precious new teeth. She has started to say a few words, including “Mama.” At 14 months old, she is standing with help, responding to gestures and facial expressions, and playing sneaky little pranks on her caregivers to make them laugh.


Adaya recently returned to her SWI in her hometown where we have heard that she will soon be united with her forever family. For now, her time at AHH has been a marvelous blessing in more ways than one.

Adaya 5.15

Adaya not only received needed love and care from the nannies at Anhui Healing Home during the time surrounding her cleft lip repair surgery, but she also made quite an impression on those around her by making others laugh, playing games, and flashing that sweet new smile. We wish her a wonderful life!

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