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Advice from a Three-year-old

What do you do when you are 18 months old and are very worried about having a heart surgery? You talk to someone who has just been there!

Little Gracie is a very bright, 18-month-old little girl from Guangxi. She understands everything that you say to her, even the fact that she is about to undergo heart surgery. When her orphanage asked her if she wanted to go to Hangzhou for heart surgery, she didn’t want to go. Do you blame her?

The orphanage brought older and wiser, three-year-old Ying to talk to Gracie about her surgery. We helped Ying with his heart surgery in January, and it was a complete success. Ying told Gracie that he didn’t feel pain when he had his surgery and that it was just fine. Thanks to Ying, Gracie agreed to come.

Can you imagine this conversation? How funny!! The good news is that Gracie is now in Hangzhou and will soon get her chance to be healed. Thanks to her sponsors . . . and to Ying, her heart will soon be repaired! Maybe Gracie will try to call Ying on her cell phone after her recovery.

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