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Advocate, Adopt, Sponsor, Share: Celebrate National Adoption Month

Nearly all of us here at Love Without Boundaries have been touched by adoption in some way, and so we love honoring and celebrating ADOPTION in the month of November!  One of our core beliefs is that all children deserve to know the love of a family, regardless of the country in which they were born. We have so much respect for the foster care system in the United States and celebrate when we hear that a child in need of a forever family here in our own country has been adopted!  However, our focus is China, and we want to use this month to highlight the thousands of orphaned children living in China, waiting for families to love them.


Through our Unity and Cleft Initiatives, we are working to prevent children from becoming orphans by removing some of the financial burden attached to medical care and giving families the chance to remain united.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were no more children left at the gates of orphanages in China in need of care?


Until that day, however, we are committed to doing everything we can for the children in need.  Medical care, a healing home where they can grow stronger, a foster family where they can feel that they belong, a classroom where they can learn and stretch their minds — each and every one of these areas provides something essential to orphaned children.


Although LWB is not an adoption agency, we do everything we can to help children in our care who have been waiting too long for adoption.  We offer Adoption Assistance Grants to provide encouragement and support to families interested in bringing these waiting children home.  We have also introduced our new Adopt Special Needs website designed to help more waiting children with special needs come together with permanent, loving families.


Not everyone can adopt, but we feel that everyone can help.  Please consider what you can do during National Adoption Month to help children who need you!

* Sponsor a child in one of our programs.

* Donate to our Adoption Assistance Grants program.

* Talk about adoption to people in your circle of family and friends, your community and congregation.

* Share the stories of waiting children that you see on social media and our blog (for example, our blog “The Boys Who Wait” highlights the boys in our programs who are waiting to be chosen for adoption).

* Contact our Adoption Advocacy Team at adoption@lwbmail.com with adoption-related questions.

We will be sharing some of our favorite adoption-related quotes and photographs on social media this month, and we invite you to share them as well!

For today, we leave you with our  updated “Adoption Rocks” video showing families celebrating adoption.  This happy video shows our true joy about National Adoption Month — a time when so many are as excited about adoption as we are!

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