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Aging Out Teens – Life Skills Camp

Imagine growing up your entire life without having parents to fall back on for advice and support.  For thousands of orphaned teens in China, this is their reality.  These young adults will usually end up on their own sometime between the ages of 18 and 24, and we want to do whatever we can to help them prepare for that day. This coming week – from August 7 to 12th – our second Life Skills Camp will take place.  Teens from across China will come together for a week of fun and learning in Beijing and Beidaihe.

Life Skills Camp

During the week, the teens learn valuable Life Skills lessons such as sex education, self-defense, management of personal finances, etiquette, social skills and lessons on drug and alcohol abuse.  But most importantly of all they will be taught the importance of their individual lives.  The theme of the week is  ‘The World is Better With Me In It,” and last year that message resonated with the teens in ways we never imagined.

Life Skills

We received the following messages from teens who attended last year:

As the last program ended, my heart fell, and I found myself crying. Words fail me! Was it the drops of gratitude seeping through the last few days? Was it the thoughts, the memories build up over all this time?  These last few days, I’ve enjoyed many good things, tasted many delicious things… I feel so grateful!  How I wish it was longer, but it was all so interesting! The love you all have shown me when I felt down and helpless has given me the strength and confidence to go on. I will never forget the memories of the time I spent here, and I want to thank you all so much!

Nothing could have summed up this week better than that one line – “The love you all have shown me when I felt down and helpless has given me the strength and confidence to go on.”

Life Skills 3

Along with formal lessons, the teens get to visit the great sights in their capital city such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and Tiananmen Square, and then they get to visit the seaside which was a truly awe inspiring activity for everyone who attended last year.

Life Skills LWB

We have 48 campers this year, and as of today, 17 of these wonderful teens still need sponsorship.  Please visit our Life Skills Donor Page if you would like to help an orphaned teen attend this important camp. Donations of any size are gratefully accepted!   We are so thankful for your support.

IMG_5047 “The world is better with us in it!”

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