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Aid for Arwyn

When Arwyn was born in rural China, his parents rejoiced. Their first son had died at age 11, and they did not know if they would be able to have another child. Arwyn’s birth brought the family new hope.

When doctors confirmed that Arwyn had been born with Down Syndrome, his parents felt scared. In China, life is not easy for individuals born with this special need as societal attitudes can be harsh and access to education is almost nonexistent. However, they loved their son as he was and moved on with life.

Doctors recently discovered that Arwyn has an ASD heart defect and needs to have heart surgery in order to improve his chances for a long and healthy life. Sadly, Arwyn’s mother has been struggling with a health issue of her own. She has been battling recurrent breast cancer and is too ill to work. Her cancer treatments have put them greatly in debt, and there is no way that Arwyn’s family can afford their little boy’s medical care.

Arwyn’s mother writes, “Life is becoming more and more difficult for me, especially with a child with Down’s Syndrome. Some kind-hearted persons tried to persuade me to give up, meaning to abandon my son. How can I abandon my son?! He is my biggest hope.

I have been trying to teach or train my baby…and under my persistent efforts, he is really developing toward the good direction. With my worsening cancer, I have found it harder and harder to take care of my son. The whole family has to live on my husband’s low income. We’re already very poor and really cannot afford the huge surgery cost. We’re hoping LWB can extend help to us.”

Arwyn’s poverty is real, but so is his parents’ love. Please consider helping Arwyn and his family as they attempt to remain together. We are so proud of his parents for fighting to keep him with them despite the odds stacked against them.

Will you consider giving a donation in any amount to help with the cost of Arwyn’s surgery and to help this family in their time of need?

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