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Aiden’s Story

One summer seven years ago, a baby boy was born with a cleft lip and palate. When he was several months old, he came into LWB care, and we named him Aiden. Aiden grew in our Anhui Healing Home and had his cleft repaired through our Medical program when he was six months old.

Aiden was greatly loved by the nannies and all who met him, and everyone remarked on how alert and clever he seemed!

When Aiden had recovered, he graduated from healing home care and went to live with a loving foster family in Anhui. He lived with his foster grandpa and grandma and was truly a member of their family.

At age three, Aiden was ready for school, and LWB’s Education program made it possible for him to attend a public kindergarten where he thrived and made many friends.

We have been filled with pride and joy watching Aiden grow during his seven years with LWB. Aiden’s teachers reported on what a studious child he was and how he seemed to excel in school.

At last, Aiden was chosen for adoption! In November he met his forever family and now lives with them in Italy.

Aiden truly benefited from each and every one of our programs during his early years of life. It’s been our great privilege to have played a part in his life story, and we want to express our gratitude to everyone who sponsored him over the years when he was in healing home care and in need of┬ásurgery, to all who supported him in foster care and helped fund his educational expenses.

Aiden, we wish you a lifetime filled with happiness. We hope you know how happy it has made us┬áto have watched you grow — and how loved you have been every step of the way!

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