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Aimee and Harley’s Turn

In 2013 LWB opened a new education program at an orphanage in Guangdong Province. This new relationship helped open the doors for the cleft-affected children in their care to finally get the surgery they need. Aimee and Harley saw four of their friends leave and come back with new beautiful smiles, and now it’s finally their turn.


Aimee is four years old and has had to live for far too long with an unrepaired cleft lip and palate. This sweet girl especially enjoys art and music in class and likes to play with toy cars. Because of her appearance, Aimee is treated poorly and called names.

Fang Yoga 1Aimee learning some yoga moves last summer

Harley has also waited a long time for his chance to have surgery. This three-year-old gets along well with other children and enjoys playing with blocks. Harley traveled to a hospital in Shanghai this fall but was too sick for surgery and was sent back to the orphanage.

Harley 11-10-13 2Harley (front) and his friends at the hospital last fall

Both Aimee and Harley are finally going to have their chance at a new smile during LWB’s upcoming Cleft Medical Exchange in April. About twenty children will have cleft lip or palate surgeries done during the week of the exchange.  We’ve just received the exciting news that Aimee’s and Harley’s surgeries have just been funded!

As we get closer to April, more children like Aimee and Harley will be listed for sponsorship. Each child needs only $500 to fund their life-changing surgeries. Please check back over the next several weeks for additional children needing funding, or make a donation now to help another child receive surgery during the 2014 Cleft Exchange trip.  Your donation in any amount will be greatly appreciated and will help give children their turn at having beautiful new smiles!

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