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Alan: Foster Care Rocks!


Fun-loving Alan moved into our Zhang Village foster care program three months ago from our Heartbridge Healing Home and he is thriving in his foster care family. It did not take Alan long to attach to his foster parents and brother.

Alan and foster brother

Not one to miss out on a minute of life, Alan is reluctant to slumber and his foster mother spends much time cuddling and rocking him to sleep. In the morning, he is the first up, eager to greet the day and to play with his older brother, who is gradually becoming accustomed to ten-month old Alan’s new routine.


Alan loves to play with his toys, and his favorite pastime at the moment is to drop one of his toys and wait until someone picks it up for him, and then drop it again.


This may have temporarily replaced hide-and-seek as his favorite game in January.

But what Alan loves best of all is to be held, cuddled, and snuggled, and he gets lots of that with his family, who adore him.

Xiao He Yi - Alan Feb 2015 2

Alan’s beaming smile tell us that for this little one, foster care rocks!

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