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Alan, Ready for His Forever Family

Darling Alan from our Shantou foster care program is looking for his forever family! Could he be yours?

Alancrouching 5.15

Alan is an energetic and fun-loving five-year-old boy with Down Syndrome. Described by his foster parents as being “lovely and mischievous,” Alan enjoys kicking a ball outside in the grass with his foster father, riding a toy car around and playing with a very large stuffed dog.


Alan thinks the game, peek-a-boo, is hilarious. Often, while pulling a shirt down over his head, Alan will cover his eyes and then pop his head out and say, “peek-a-boo!” Alan cracks himself up and in turn causes his foster family to burst out laughing.


Alan is learning how to help his foster mother around the house. He knows to push in chairs and wipe the table off after snack time. He can also greet guests and bring them a chair when they visit. Recently, when Alan noticed his foster mother working hard and sweating, he fetched her a tissue to wipe her face. He then asked, “Can I help you, Mom?”


Alan already has a Reece’s Rainbow account with a balance of over $4,700 that can be applied towards his adoption costs.


If you think Alan might be a wonderful addition to your loving home, please email us!


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