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In 2011, we had the pleasure of meeting a very special four-year-old girl from Guizhou province named Alejandra.

Alejandra slide 5.15

At that time, her orphanage in Tongren asked for our help to get Alejandra surgery to repair her cleft lip and cleft palate.

Alejandra Before and AfterAlejandra before and after cleft repair surgery.

From that time on, we could not forget her lively gaze, brilliant smile, and lovely dimples. Now she is eight years old and still seems like a cheerful, loving, and enthusiastic girl.


Last year, Alejandra attended nursery school sponsored by generous donors through our Orphaned Student Support program.

Alejandra friends 6.15

Her teachers tell us that she has made huge progress during this academic year. Above all, Alejandra has improved a lot in mathematics. She completes her homework on time and is more and more confident doing so. She especially enjoys helping the teachers with her younger classmates and friends.

Alejandra helping 6.15

We were proud to learn that Alejandra successfully completed preschool and now attends primary school!

Alejandra 5.15

Overall, her teachers value her kindness and friendly nature. Alejandra is described as a girl who seems to go out of her way to look after the younger kids; she has an extremely protective attitude towards them.

Alejandra w friend 6.15

It’s been a pleasure to see Alejandra blossom since her cleft surgeries and become a confident student and caring friend. We are thankful to her education sponsors for believing in her potential!

Alejandra Chldren's Day 2015

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