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The Wall Street Journal recently featured a beautiful story about a very special friend of LWB, Mui Koh, and her daughter Portia. Mui teaches English in Guangdong and has donated items for our Born in My Heart Art Auction in past years.

In 2005, Mui set out to help orphaned children by volunteering at an orphanage near her Guangdong home. It was through this volunteer work that she met her daughter, Portia.

Now home with her daughter since January 2006, she was asked to describe her feelings for Portia. Mui answered, “Portia is part of my heart. She is part of me. Life is rich and meaningful with her.” I’d say that any of us who have been blessed with children through adoption know exactly how Mui feels!

Read the full article along with photos here.

Debbie Smith
Public Relations Director

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