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Amazing Amanda

This beautiful little girl joined our Heartbridge Healing Home in December, just two months before her third birthday. She had just had surgery for a complex heart defect and needed extra nurturing care to help her heal and catch up on the many developmental milestones that had been delayed by her illness.

Amanda12.14 2

Upon arrival, a very somber Amanda did not speak or walk, and barely held her head up on her own. Her new nannies were very concerned about this melancholy little girl; would they be able to bring her out of her shell?

The answer to that question was a resounding YES!


Within six weeks, Amanda was eating and sleeping well, and she was beginning to repeat words. She had begun crawling, and a week later Amanda was taking her first steps with a crib railing to help steady her. Our favorite change, however, was the addition of her fabulous smile. Wow, can that girl light up a room!

Amanda5.15 2

Amanda will be leaving us for adoption in early June. By now she is speaking in short but complete sentences, and holding her head high as she dashes through the home or shows off her favorite song-and-dance routine. Amanda is a sweet and happy child; tenderly helping the nannies with one of the babies, or being a total goof-ball and hamming it up for the camera.


In short, she is a treasure, and we all feel so privileged to be a part of her story.

Amanda3 5.15

Have a beautiful life, little lady!

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