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Amazing Grace

After 18 long hours, Grace’s surgery to remove extensive abdominal tumors was complete at 1am local time in Belgium. We are happy to report that she is recovering well. Grace’s mom was right by her bedside after she had been settled in the ICU. Although her mom looked tired, she must have been so relieved the procedure was over and that Grace had come through such a long and complex operation.

The lead surgeon on Grace’s case, Dr Ceelen, reported that he painstakingly removed all visible tumors within her abdomen, and then they performed a HIPEC procedure to the area. HIPEC, or Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy, is a procedure in which chemotherapy drugs are heated and then circulated within a patients abdomen, in the hopes that any remaining non-visible tumors can be eradicated.

This is an excellent option for patients like Grace whose tumors are confined to a specific area as it means that the patient isn’t likely to have systemic negative side effects from the chemo. When Grace underwent her first surgery in Kenya, it proved difficult to keep the chemotherapy drugs being circulated at their optimum temperature. The hope is that the equipment used in Belgium was able to optimally target all remaining tumor cells.

And we have continued to have good news sent from Belgium. As the day has progressed, Grace was able to get the breathing tube out of her throat, and even sip some apple juice. She gave the surgeon, Dr. Ceelen, a big smile and was able to talk to him when he came by to see her. She reports that she doesn’t have too much pain and discomfort, except for some pain when she has to cough.  As anyone who has had any sort of abdominal surgery knows, this can be quite painful! The surgeon was awed by her courage and strength.

Grace reported that she had a dream about singing in church while she was sleeping, and we take that as a sign that this sweet girl will be standing and singing again soon.  We are so thankful for everyone in countries all over the world who have been praying and thinking of her!

Please continue to send positive thoughts to Grace. We know the next couple of weeks will be a continued time of healing and recovery. We stand in hope that doctors have found a complete cure to her tumors.

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  • Paula says:

    Grace, I am praying for your recovery. You are a beloved child of God!
    May you heal and enjoy life again.
    God bless you!