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Amber: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

We are honored to introduce you to Amber, a wonderful and brave student in our Believe in Me Huainan School. This precious young girl was very nervous and quiet when she first entered the school; the teachers said that she would not speak, didn’t like to play with the other children, and didn’t seem to enjoy any of the games or activities.

Once a week the class will do a “life skills” lesson, where they typically learn to cook some basic Chinese food. Even when it was time for these lessons, Amber would not participate and never wanted to try the different food… until the day the class prepared dumplings! On this particular day, Amber actually cried because she had no idea what the dumplings were, and this new food made her scared and nervous. However the kind, gentle teachers convinced this precious and shy girl to try the dumplings… and she liked them!!

After this experience Amber had more trust in her wonderful teachers. From that day forward she joined in on the class activities, she began to walk to the classroom independently each morning (instead of having to be coaxed to go), and she is starting to be more social. Amber will now tell her teachers “thank you,” and she has found a best friend in another precious young girl in the school!

We are so proud of Amber and of her amazing teachers. How exciting to see the life-changing and amazing effects this school is having on these children. If you would like to make a difference in the life of a child at our Believe in Me Huainan School, there are many who still need sponsorship. Your donation of $20 per month will have a lasting and profound impact on a child’s life.

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