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An Adoption Story: Aaron

Sometimes, adoption stories contain surprises that we could never anticipate! We know you’ll enjoy reading about a little boy from our nutrition program in Gaoming whom we featured on the blog last December and the story of how his parents came home with not one, but two sons.

Early last December I read the LWB blog, as I often did while we waited to travel to get our son in China. One day, I was ecstatic to see pictures of our boy there featured in the story, “Artie Faces the Scale.” I excitedly read through the article about our son only to have my heart drop at the end when I read that “Artie” was available for adoption. We had received our referral several weeks before and had pictures of this same little boy. I just knew without a doubt that I was not mistaken after studying every detail of the referral photos for weeks on end. I contacted LWB about the article, and after several rollercoaster days it was discovered that we had been sent the wrong referral photos. All of our paperwork was really for another boy from the same orphanage. However, there was no way I could let go of that sweet child whom I had grown to love through a photo.

Aaron, then known as “Artie”, in the Gaoming SWI

My husband and I received photos of the child we were really adopting (according to all of our paperwork), and once our adoption agency said that it was possible to adopt two unrelated children in this case, we just knew that both of the boys were meant to be ours. We had such peace in our hearts while we waited to hear from China that we were approved to adopt both boys.

We later learned from the nannies that the boys, Aaron (aka “Artie”) and Ryan, shared a special bond, and we were certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that God meant for them to be brothers for life. We met the boys on May 30, 2011. They came to us without a tear but were definitely comforted by being together still.

The past six months have been an amazing time. The boys are pure joy, and we have delighted in watching their excitement over all the new experiences they have had. They are growing in leaps and bounds. Aaron, who was part of the nutrition program in Gaoming along with Ryan, has grown 2 ½ inches and gained more than nine pounds since we met him.

They each had an unrepaired cleft palate when they came to us and have since had palate repair surgeries and are in speech therapy. There can be challenges due to the lack of verbal communication as well as due to some anxiety issues that one of them has faced, but the blessings far outnumber the difficulties. We are so thankful to have the privilege to call both Aaron and Ryan our sons. We will forever be grateful to LWB for helping to sort out the “mistake” with our referral, which we now believe was no mistake at all.

What a difference a year has made for both Aaron and his family! We are thankful to them for sharing their adoption story and wish them all the best.

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