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An Adoption Story: Hyrum

One of the greatest joys for any LWB volunteer is hearing from adoptive families whose children were once ¬†in one of our programs. ¬†During this holiday season, we’d like to spread this joy to our supporters by profiling several children who were once featured on our blog and as a result found their forever families! Recently we heard from a wonderful adoption success story with a family who adopted a little boy who was part of our nutrition program in Guangdong.

We named our little guy Hyrum. We came across him through an advocacy group that Suzanne Damstedt, one of the LWB directors, participates in. She had alerted the group that a new child was posted on LWBcommunity.org. Out of curiosity, I hopped over to the blog to check him out. As soon as I read the title of the post, “Sweet Prince Brenden,” I was hooked. Suzanne had chosen the name Brenden for him, which as it turns out means “prince.” In our family we talk quite a bit about how the children are all princes and princesses. Between the picture of a sweet little guy with a beautiful smile and his name meaning prince, it didn’t take much for us to know that he was to be ours.

The photo of “Brenden” that stole our hearts!

Seven years ago we decided to adopt two children internationally and began a long, expensive and difficult search for our children. After having dossiers in four countries and not getting our children, which included even being turned down by China, as well as some failed domestic situations, we found out that China had now opened up to large families (we had fourteen children at the time). We didn’t even want to hope that this could be our time. We talked to several agencies that reassured us we could adopt…so we jumped in. Knowing we wanted two children, we decided to go with an agency that would allow dual adoptions just in case we found both of our children. Our desire, however, was to do one at a time. About a week before getting PA (pre-approval) for our daughter, we saw Hyrum. We didn’t even have to talk about it as husband and wife because we knew we wanted him in our family. Since being home every member of the family has said “I’m so glad we adopted him!”

Hyrum has done very well from the beginning. His adjustment has been smooth and easy. Hyrum has fallen head over heels in love with his family! When my husband and I take him out for bonding time without the other children, he never wants to leave. One day we arrived at our destination and tried to get him out of the car seat. He cried and kept trying to put his seatbelt back on. When we got home that night, Hyrum jumped out of the car, took my hand and ran to the door. He led me around to every bed in the house so he could be sure everyone was there.

Hyrum gets so excited about the smallest things. When we first got home, he had no idea how to control his emotions so when he got excited he would pinch or bite. After being home just five weeks, he has replaced the bites with kisses and clapping his hands. He has the biggest smile that starts at his toes and fills his whole body. When others would write about their great adoption experiences, I would tell myself that they just weren’t telling the whole story. Well, of course Hyrum has some things that he needs help to understand, but his adjustment has been nothing but miraculous. He is one of the sweetest little boys I know.

We have had such a wonderful experience with our adoptions that we would be more than happy to talk with anyone who might be interested but is on the fence or has concerns!

~Deanne Walker, Hyrum’s mother

Hyrum sounds like an absolute joy to be around! We are honored to have played a small part in bringing him and his family together forever.

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