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An Adoption Story: Joshua

Song is a boy who will remain imprinted in the memories of many of LWB volunteers and supporters. He was first featured on our blog in “Song’s Story,” and again in “Singing for Song.” Song had a difficult beginning in life and lost both eyes due to retinal blastoma, but we just knew in our hearts that the perfect family was waiting for this extremely bright and resilient boy. ¬†Happily, Song was adopted nearly two months ago by a wonderful family and is now known as Joshua. Joshua’s parents recently shared his incredible adoption story.

Joshua’s “gotcha” day was December 11, 2011. Even though this was our fifth adoption, my wife and I were very nervous about what we were about to do. We had no experience with visual impairment and had no idea what it would be like. When Joshua walked into the room, all that vanished; we KNEW he was our child. Like most older child adoptions (he was 3 1/2), there was a period of grieving, but it was short, and the more time we were together the more comfortable he was with us.

Now we’ve been home almost one month, and we can’t imagine life without him! He is such a precious child, and he has the most magnetic personality! He is quick with a smile and it takes very little time for him to draw people to him. He was so engaging with his amazing vocabulary and speech in China, and as he has picked up English that same engaging personality is beginning to blossom. While there is no question that we’ve had to make some accommodations for his blindness, it has been no where near what we had imagined! Within days, we gave very little thought to the fact that he couldn’t see, because we realized that he does “see.” It’s just in ways that we can’t comprehend. He runs, jumps up and down the stairs, rides his tricycle, and plays with all our other children. There is very little that they do that he can’t do right along with them. He is a remarkable child, and such a blessing to our family! He has taught us so much about ourselves and our assumptions about “disability,” and I’m certain there is much more he has to teach us. He is having a similar impact on our extended family and friends too.

Love Without Boundaries not only cared for this child during his difficult diagnosis and surgery, but they advocated for him in such a way that we saw him and recognized God’s plan for him and our family. Additionally they made it possible to start the adoption process immediately and worked with our agency to administer the generous grant that had been donated on his behalf. Amy Eldridge, and so many others at LWB, have been and continue to be so supportive and encouraging. We are so very grateful for LWB!

~Roy and Lori Cross

We at LWB are likewise grateful to Joshua’s new family for recognizing his potential and bringing him home as a part of their family. We send our best wishes for a lifetime of happiness to Joshua and his family!

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