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An Adoption Story: Kai

Do you ever wonder about the children we blog about here?  Have they been matched?  Are they home with their families this holiday season?  How are they doing?  We are very fortunate that some adoptive parents contact us after they return home with their newly adopted child to help us answer these questions.

Some readers might remember shy Kaden from the blog post “Kaden:  No Photos, Please!”

We are thrilled to share that Kaden is now known as Kai and lives in the United States with his new family!  His mother, Denise, updated us to let us know he is doing very well.  From the photos she’s shared with us, it’s pretty obvious that Kai is no longer afraid of the camera!  Kai has a big sister with whom he is busy bonding and has received the medical care needed for his hearing impairment.

Denise writes:
If it wasn’t for LWB, I may not have found my son. While I was looking, a friend pointed me to a blog that advocated for special needs kids. The child she wanted me to consider was listed with a private agency, and I was not eligible. Something told me to keep looking at the rest of the children, and very near the bottom I found my beautiful new son, then known as Kaden. I immediately started inquiring with the blog owner and LWB and was able to find out that he was just placed back on the shared list on 4/20/11. It was the 23rd when I found him, and on the 25th my agency was able to confirm he was still there. After medical review by specialists and pediatricians we were able to lock him in that morning. China confirmed the match in two days. What a blessing!

If I could offer a piece of advice to those considering medical or special needs children it would be to not be afraid just because you aren’t sure what the condition might bring. Do your research so you know if you have a chance of giving that child their forever family. Know the conditions that you are able to consider and have the specialists lined up ahead of time. That is what I did, and I was able to lock Kai in within an hour of receiving his information that wonderful Monday morning! I also did this with my first daughter, who has a heart condition. I had the cardiologist on the phone the same day I found her. Doing all the advanced research, planning and preparation will help you bring your child home.

Kai is a happy, healthy, beautiful boy!  He is learning sign language very quickly and is very, very smart.  While there were some behavioral concerns initially, I’m happy to say many have been alleviated.  He simply needed a loving, stable home and a means to communicate to lessen his frustrations.  As many of us say, I truly believe Kai was meant to be a part of our family.  We love him more than words can express.

~Denise Huot, Kai’s mom

It brings us such great pleasure to be able to share Kai’s story and to hear about the beginning of his new life with his family!

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  • China0407 says:

    He’s doing great. He is taking in ASL like a little sponge! I was able to acquire an interpreter for him, even in preschool. It’s all about advocating. We actually expect him to start kindergarten in the fall, instead of next year. When he came home he was basically four years behind in any sort of language. He’s catching up fast. He was starving for a way to communicate and he has one that he loves.

    We are all doing so well as a family. 🙂

  • Erin says:

    Look at Kai! He is just adorable and obviously so happy!