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An Adoption Story: PeiPei

From time to time, we love to feature adoption stories of children who were profiled on the LWB blog. It’s incredible to see children who so many hoped and prayed to find a family finally have that opportunity! We think you’ll enjoy reading this adoption story about a little boy who was in an orphanage that is part of our orphanage assistance program. His winsome smile and sweet expression touched the heart of his future mom, and this is the story of how they became a family.

In 2003 we adopted our first daughter, Sophia, a beautiful infant girl from Hunan, China. Four years later we adopted our second daughter, Aimei, a precious two-year old girl from Anhui, China. We were pretty sure that we were “done” adding to our family. But there was always a nagging thought that perhaps one more, a boy, would be just right. In the fall of 2010, when we were just getting to be a bit more independent  as parents (no children with diapers or sleep issues and both kids in school), we got a note from our former adoption agency that they were now certified to do China adoptions again. I forwarded the email to my husband.

You have to understand…a few years before that I volunteered for LWB as a blog coordinator.  So for a few years, on a daily basis, I saw the beautiful faces of children waiting for families. It was always on my mind that we surely could adopt again.

Around the same time Love Without Boundaries ran a blog featuring three boys from an orphanage where they have an orphanage assistance program (“Perry, Jared and Nate: Boys Will Be Boys!”) The photo of “Perry” sleeping, followed by the other photo of him wide awake and sitting so perky on the floor, just won my heart. I simply could not get this little guy out of my mind.

We decided to start the adoption process.  I did a little research on “Perry” and discovered that he was on an agency specific list. We went ahead with our process knowing that we would be getting a referral from the shared list. As it turns out, “Perry” ended up back on the shared list when we were all set to have our referral.  Less than a year later, our entire family traveled to China to adopt our little boy, John Patrick Xianpei, still known as PeiPei.

This little boy is a beautiful blessing to our family. He constantly amazes us with how witty, smart, brave, and easygoing he is. We were so very concerned with adopting a three-year-old. We had no idea if he would resist us, cry, yell . . . you never know. As it turned out, we were fortunate. He seemed really open to the idea of us being a family, and after a few minutes allowed John to pick him up. Finally having him with us gave us all such a sense of relief and a feeling of “Yes, we can totally do this!”

For the first couple months home, PeiPei and I would take the girls to school and come home and have a long cuddle time on the couch, do some errands and play. These days we also go to a neighborhood children’s sing-a-long once a week, a story time at the library, and a tumbling class at the local YMCA.

After being home for three months, he is sleeping through the night wonderfully and wakes up with a smile. He still sings little songs in Cantonese (although not as often) and has a few choreographed dances that he learned at some point during his three years in the orphanage in China. He is speaking dozens of English words, asks “What’s that?” 50 times per day, and loves to wake up from his nap to “Go get the girls from school!”

He has been to the dentist, pediatrician, ENT, and plastic surgeon, with glowing reports all around.  It seems having only one fully-formed ear has not impeded his speech at all, and his hearing is remarkable.

This little boy is pure joy, and we get to be his family!

~ Alisa Hall, PeiPei’s mom

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