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An Impressive Young Man

Often the blog is filled with the cute little faces of the babies and toddlers, but today I’d like you to meet one of the teen-agers in our education program at Kaifeng, Henan.  Henry just turned 15, and his reports show him quickly growing into a very responsible young man.

Henry, now attending middle school, is very serious about his studies.  He always places in the top scores on his exams, often having the highest score.  As impressive as his exam scores are, even more impressive is his attitude when his marks aren’t as high as he hoped.  After a recent exam, he concluded he needed to improve his study habits in two areas.  First, he wants to spend more time practicing math, and, second, he wants to not only remember the spelling of words but also the meaning of them.

Recently he read a book that made him recognize that everyone is special in some aspect, no matter poor or rich, tall or short, big or small. What’s more, he said he would try his best in all that he does…. no matter how it turns out. Finally, he again thanks the people who have helped him and says he plans to help someone who needs his help when he grows up. It sounds like Henry is maturing fast!

Nancy Williams
Kaifeng Education Coordinator

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