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An Irish Race for Team LWB

Don’t mess with women on a mission! Three intrepid LWB volunteers recently took part in the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin, Ireland, to raise money for the children in the Henan Healing Home. Julie Flynn Coleman, the director of LWB’s Healing Homes, her daughter Robyn, and LWB volunteer Gina Hall were part of a crowd of 40,000 women all doing their part for the charity of their choice.

Julie wrote a bit about their day to give those of us who couldn’t be there some idea of the wonderful atmosphere:

Think about the population of Ireland at approximately 4.58 million people. Then consider the feĀ­males that are eligible to take part in this all women’s event. That is a very high percentage of our female popĀ­ulation all in one place and on a mission!

Gina Hall flew in from the UK in the morning to take part as a runner, while Robyn and I were all set to walk the 10k.

We got a kick out of this sign signaling the “Start Zone.” Look closely…it seems to be suggesting that this is a “tart zone” instead!

This man was probably feeling a bit out of place….trying to ride a bike…amidst thousands of women walking for a cause.

We finished and were thrilled to once again represent Team LWB on behalf of the children in the Henan Healing Home. Donations towards this cause are still welcome and would be much appreciated!
~Julie Flynn Coleman, Healing Homes Director

We are so proud of these ladies! Team LWB is a fun, exciting way to involve your friends and family in helping orphaned and impoverished children in China. Please visit our Team LWB page to learn more about other types of fundraising opportunities coming up and see how you can be a part of something like the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon where you live.

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