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An Update on Baby Corey

We want to thank everyone who donated with such kindness to help baby Corey, the newborn who was left following his birth with a serious medical condition.

His first stage surgery went beautifully, and the doctors said he will not need another operation until two months later.

Our director in Anhui spoke several times by phone with the mom’s cousin and convinced him to come to the hospital today.  We learned what we expected.  The child’s mom is very poor (she worked as a cook at a temporary construction site), and, after delivering her son, she knew she could not afford the medical care for such a sick child.  That is why she panicked and abandoned the baby boy.

The surgeon has said that Corey can be discharged, and the cousin has promised to find someone to care for Corey until his mom recovers from her hospitalization.   The mom is now awake, and she has told us she wants to take good care of Corey and won’t leave him again.

Since we now know who the family is, we will be checking carefully on Corey to make sure things are going well.  Also, we have pledged to the family that we will cover the next surgeries he will need so that he can be a perfectly healthy little boy.  We know they still have many challenges ahead of them, but we are so grateful that you have helped us prevent another child from being orphaned.

We just can’t thank you enough for stepping forward to help this family during a very difficult time.  I know so many hearts have been touched.  Please keep thinking of Corey’s mom as she recovers.  We are very anxious for the mom and her baby to be reunited.

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