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An Update on Baby Luna

We are so happy to report that Luna continues to slowly be weaned from oxygen following her heart surgery in December.  Doctors have cut the amount of extra oxygen she is being given by half, and she is definitely showing much more energy and smiles.

IMG_9898Luna interacting with her nanny

Over the weekend, she was able to remove all of her tubes for a short time to be carried up and down the hallways, which she enjoyed a lot.  We are so grateful to everyone who has been lifting her up and celebrating with us as she gets stronger day by day.


At the moment she is sharing her nanny with baby Joy from Guizhou, who also recently had heart surgery.  Little Joy sailed through her operation, and should hopefully be discharged in just a few days.

baby joy 1

IMG_9602 Sweet baby Joy

Luna really seemed to enjoy her hospital bed “play date” with Joy.  When the girls are put together, they like to interact with each other with lots of eye contact.


But then they progressed pretty quickly to sticking fingers in the other’s mouths, which Luna thought was hilariously funny…..until Joy tried to reciprocate.



IMG_9378 “Okay, not funny anymore!”

Doctors feel that it is still too early for Luna to be discharged, as she still needs the oxygen several times each day. Luna will stay in Shanghai at the hospital through Chinese New Year. We know you join us in hoping that the upcoming Year of the Monkey will be Luna’s year of health!  She never would have had this chance at heart surgery and healing without you.  We are SO grateful for this precious second chance for Luna the Lionhearted.

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