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An Update on Conjoined Twins Harley and James

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who has donated to help Harley and James, the adorable twin boys born conjoined at the end of October. Harley and James’ parents are extremely young  — just 20 years old — and are from a small village in rural Guizhou. The boys are joined at their pelvis area, sharing one liver but thankfully having two bladders and four kidneys. The operation to separate them is expected to be extremely complex.

Conjoined twins

The wonderful surgeons at Fudan University in Shanghai have estimated the twins’ surgery costs to be around 400,000 rmb (approximately $60,000 US), an impossible amount of money for such an impoverished family to ever borrow or afford. LWB offered to raise 1/4 of the funds needed for the family through our Unity Initiative, and your support was simply amazing. We were able to raise the 100,000 rmb ($15,000 US) we had pledged in just one week’s time. You all completely ROCK.

Harley and James’ parents were so incredibly touched when they heard the news that people from around the world who did not even know them were wanting their babies to be healed.  (Click here to watch a video that they sent thanking everyone who helped).  We decided to optimistically increase our goal to raise 1/2 of the funds the twins need, and we are currently just $10,000 short of that goal.

twins conjoined

The twins’ parents have begged and borrowed from everyone they know back in their village and contacted other charities to ask for assistance. Unfortunately, the other charities they contacted for the remaining funds needed were unable to help in any significant way, so the parents are still about 200,000 rmb ($33,000 US) short of what they need.

Because they were unable to secure the additional funding, and also because Chinese New Year is fast approaching, the twins were discharged from the hospital and traveled back west to the grandmother’s home with their parents. Our hope is that the family can return right after Chinese New Year so their children can have the surgery they need. The hospital has told them they can return in mid-February, and everyone is hoping the remaining funds can be found by that time.

conjoined twins with grandma

We know their story has touched so many hearts. We learned about two young girls named Sophie and Zoe in Ireland who have convinced their eight and nine-year-old classmates to make a quilt to be raffled to benefit the twins. These wonderful world-changers will each be knitting a square to be sewn together into a warm blanket of love. We’ve heard from people from North America and Europe and Asia who want to help, and it is heartwarming to know so many people are thinking of the boys and cheering them on.

conjoined twins 1 LWB volunteer Sherri, visiting the babies before their discharge

The orthopedic and urology doctors at Fudan are meeting to map out the plan for the boys’ surgery. We will continue to update you on exactly what that plan will be as we learn more details.

We would sure appreciate you continuing to share the news that James and Harley are in need of additional help. While none of us at LWB won the 1.5 billion dollar Powerball (darn!), we give thanks every day that we have the biggest blessing of all:  a whole community of caring people who believe that every child’s life matters.

twinsharleyBaby James
twinsjames Baby Harley

If you would like to share the twins’  sponsorship page with your friends or family, it is located here.

Thank you again for your incredible compassion for this family and their beautiful twin boys.

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