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"Angel Wings"

LWB is so grateful to both Tom Russo and Paul Lombardo for allowing us to sell their beautiful song about adoption, “Angel Wings”, on our website. A percentage of each sale goes to LWB’s work in China.
Tom Russo and Paul Lombardo began their partnership in 1971. Right from the start they collaborated on writing and producing songs. Later in that decade they landed their first publishing contract with a NYC based company called Camerica. In 1998 Tom and his wife were blessed with the adoption of a beautiful daughter from China, Lian Tai-Zhi Russo. As with many adoptive parents, Tom was deeply moved by the experience. Inspired by the profound love he felt for his daughter, Tom was motivated to express those feelings in a way that he knew best, through his music. Very early on in the creative process, Tom brought his idea to his partner Paul, and not long after that they were able to complete the writing and production of “Angel Wings”, a beautiful tribute to the gift of adoption.
You can hear a sample of this beautiful song on our webpage at http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/AdoptionSongs.php You can follow the instructions on the page if you wish to buy a copy.

More adoption songs will be coming soon! Enjoy!

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