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Angie and her parents will celebrate her first birthday in October.  She was born with ventricular septal defect (VSD) – commonly called a “hole in the heart”.


The hole in Angie’s heart is big enough that her heart is working too hard and she is developing pulmonary hypertension.


Angie’s parents are farmers, but the area they farm is of poor quality, so their income is low — just 2,000 rmb per year.  They are also supporting grandparents who are in poor health.  They have borrowed from friends and family, and the hospital has agreed to discount the surgery; however, they still need a little more help to pay for Angie’s medical expenses.  We were so pleased that they learned about our Unity Initiative and wrote this letter requesting assistance.

Angieletter9.14Letter from Angie’s family requesting assistance

We live in a poor mountainous area. There are six people in our family. Our only income is from farming. The average income of our family member is less than 2,000 rmb per year. My parents-in-law are both over sixty, they can’t do much farming work anymore. The sister of my husband is still a student in the school. We always feel our money can’t meet the end. Then our baby was born with Congenital Heart Disease. The high cost for the surgery is such a heavy burden for us. 50,000 rmb is a enormous figure to us. We will never make such a lot of money. So we apply for your help and we are so grateful of you. We wish we can have the help from you. We are so grateful that you can help to save my child’s life. Thank you, thank you!

Donations in any amount to help Angie’s family cover her medical expenses will be gratefully appreciated!

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