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And we’re rolling!
Our Anhui mobile medical van has now hit the road, and everyone agreed the program is off to a great start. A team of 7, including doctors, nurses, and physical therapists has already visited five orphanages in Anhui: Luan, Fuyang, Dingyuan, Huaibei and XiaoXian. They will continue to visit 4 of these orphanages each month throughout the coming year. Already on the van’s first trip, the medical team from Anhui Children’s Hospital diagnosed 5 children with heart disease who need help.
Everywhere the van went, the team was met by welcoming orphanage staff and foster families. Families came by foot and by bicycle, and many of the kids having their exams thought it was quite a bit of fun and were actually laughing out loud.

Now that initial assessments have been done, on subsequent visits the PTs will work with the foster children and help train caregivers how to do the exercises. Our goal is to make sure that every child possible becomes eligible for adoption.

We are very excited about this first pilot program, even though we have not yet raised the total running costs for this year. We welcome monthly sponsors at $25 a month or general donations to this program as well. We know this partnership with Anhui Children’s Hospital is going to lead to wonderful things for the kids of Anhui. To learn more about the program, please email our Anhui Director of Operations, Arlene Howard at arlene@lovewithoutboundaries.com

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