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Annie and How She Inspired the First Meeting of the LWB-Spain!

Annie from Anhui is a three-year old girl with a heart defect so complex it could not be treated in China.  So LWB-Spain worked on a plan to allow her to come to Spain to receive the surgery.  After much work, much bureaucracy, and much waiting, she finally arrived at the beginning of April and is being taken care of by a top team of surgeons. In fact, we are thrilled to report that she underwent surgery this week, and the risky procedure was declared a success!

Annie is just a gorgeous girl with the chubbiest cheeks! While she was getting ready for her surgery, she was flourishing…smiling and laughing all the time, eating everything, making friends, dancing to music and playing. It has been just delightful to visit her and to be able to personally thank her foster family members who are doing such wonderful work, and who are loving her much!

With Annie being so close to the LWB-Spain team, it was impossible for us not to want to visit her and kiss her as much as we could or as much she would allow us to.  As we were planning the best moment to pay her a visit, we all realized seeing Annie was also a great opportunity to have our very first LWB-Spain off-line meeting.  So from different points of Spain, we gathered in the north of our country, a land of green mountains and valleys, and the best place to try all kinds of delicatessen. The only thing made our day not perfect was that Marta, one of the volunteers, could not come… we missed her a lot!

Sara Torrente, Carmen Caballero, Susana Paz, Esther Iñiguez, Jone Gereka

We took real pleasure in meeting each other in person and doing what we love most… talk, talk, talk about everything related with our work with LWB, our projects and dreams about LWB-Spain, about the children, adoption, special needs, our daughters and sons…we all felt that it was too short!  But we have gorgeous little Annie to thank for bringing us together.

Susana Paz is the Heart Surgery Assistant Coordinator of LWB-Spain (Fundación Love Without Boundaries España).

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