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Announcing The Sokhem Early Childhood Development Center

We’ve been counting the days until we could share some very exciting news.

Our Sokhem Sibling School has evolved and will now be known as the Sokhem Early Childhood Development Center!

Initially, our Sibling School was founded to face a critical need in rural Sokhem village. We learned that most of the adults in the village crossed into Thailand each day searching for work, leaving their children behind and on their own for long periods of time. Many of the children ages 6 and up were unable to attend primary school because they had to serve as full-time caregivers each day for their little sisters and brothers.

In order to ensure that every child in the village could receive an education, we created the Sibling School as a safe place for the youngest kids in the village to come each day. In 2017, we began with 15 babies and toddlers. Just two years later, 40 babies and young children are now registered, and our focus has shifted to having a comprehensive center dedicated to their full and healthy development.

Every weekday, we offer good quality nutrition to all babies and toddlers in Sokhem village as we work to beat the high prevalence of childhood malnutrition in the region.

The children enrolled in our center are also able to enjoy stimulating activities such as our new ball pit and sand tables (which the children truly love).

In addition, we have a wide variety of educational toys on site.

The nannies and teachers at the center love introducing the children to art and music, and it has been incredible to see their excitement at being able to learn about the bigger world through storybooks.

To ensure that the children learn to clean their hands and teeth regularly from the earliest age, we developed a hand washing and dental hygiene program.

We are delighted with the expansion of this critical program and know you’ll also be excited to see these new developments.

Many of our supporters have been so enthusiastic about helping impoverished children in Cambodia, and we mean it sincerely that it would not be possible without their compassion.

We look forward to bringing you more updates about the progress of the precious children at our Sokhem Early Child Development Center!

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