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Another baby enters foster care…

Jenna left this week for foster care in her home province. Like always, her departure brings a mix of emotions. Together with her nannies, we are sad to see her leave the home, as we have greatly enjoyed getting to “know” her these past few months…but we are very excited that she is healthy enough to enter foster care!

“I’m not so sure about this…”

We know that her new foster family will take wonderful care of her, and trust that she will continue to grow and thrive in her new environment. We know how important a family environment is for a child’s growth and development, and are very happy that Jenna can now experience this as well. (Many thanks to all of our supporters whose sponsorship of the LWB foster care program make these family-like experiences possible!).

Jenna is actually joining the same family as Shannon (who left the home a few weeks ago)…so we hope this familiar face will make her transition even smoother!

Goodbye, Jenna! We’ll miss you!

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