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Another Chance

This is sweet baby Yi. And she is getting another chance at a healthy heart.
When she was originally evaluated, the hospital who saw her told the orphanage that her surgery was very complex and extremely expensive, and so the operation was not done.

We recently learned of little Yi, and immediately arranged to send her to Dr. Li in Hangzhou. She arrived very sick with a severe infection not only on her lungs, but also in her heart. This infection will have to be controlled before any surgery can be done, so she has been started on a month long course of IV antibiotics.

Yesterday Tingting and a friend traveled to Hangzhou to see little Yi in the hospital. Tingting wrote the following:

“Both Elfie and I are so in love with this baby already. I saw her pic from the medical page on our website a few weeks ago.. so I couldn’t wait to find her when I got to the hospital today. she is darn cute!!! I think she likes me. She smiles everytime I look at her and whenever you put her in bed, she would try hard to crawl toward wherever I stand. She laughed about whatever noise I made and tried to learn the same noise, but ended up blowing bubbles from her mouth, which cracked me up!”

We are all praying that this beautiful little girl can be healed. We hope you will join us in those prayers. She has a wonderful aunty with her who obviously adores this child, and who has said she will stay in Hangzhou for as long as it takes to get her better. She told Tingting that since this baby almost died before and since she cares so much for her, she will do anything possible to make her healthy no matter how long it takes. We are always so thankful for such dedicated caregivers.

We need to raise an additional $2000 for this baby to cover the next month of hospitalization so that she can have a second chance at life. Thank you for covering little Yi in prayers. We will keep you updated on her progress.

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