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Another Lip Repaired

Have you ever known someone who looks good no matter what time of day it is, what they’re wearing, or what they’ve just been through?  I know that I have friends who look great regardless of the circumstances—whether they’ve just finished gardening, exercising, or chasing the kids around all day.  I tend to give these people a hard time, because it just doesn’t seem fair!


Well, one of our young ladies at the cleft home is that woman!  From the day she arrived, Dawn has been the calm, peaceful, serene little baby. Her reports always tell of how she is growing more beautiful each day, and how her peaceful demeanor stands in stark contrast to some of her roommates.




Dawn is the latest Cleft Home baby to have her lip repaired, and I think her post-op picture speaks for itself.  Many of the babies look uncomfortable and like they are in pain (I’m sure I wouldn’t look too hot either!), especially in the days right after surgery. But not Dawn! She just looks ready to take on the day!



“Cleft surgery? Eh, that wasn’t so bad!”

Stay tuned to see Dawn’s new smile once the repair site has healed!






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