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April’s Focus: Education

Since 2004, Love Without Boundaries has been helping children in China obtain their dreams of an education in a number of different ways.


For the month of April, we will be highlighting our Student Support program which provides an opportunity for both orphaned and impoverished students to attend school in their communities.


Since 1986, all children in China are required to finish nine years of compulsory education (the basic equivalent of American elementary and middle school). Education is considered the most important path to future success in Chinese culture, and for most parents in China, it is their primary focus in raising their child.

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While elementary and middle school tuition in China is free, most schools have additional fees for things like books, meals, and uniforms, which families living in extreme poverty often find impossible to provide.If a child does complete the middle grades and manages to pass the exam to enter high school, then their parents must also find a way to come up with the tuition costs which are often very expensive. For many families, this is simply impossible.


As this article in The Economist from last year explains, the drop-out rates for those in middle school are still high in poverty-stricken areas as young students feel they must enter the labor force in order to provide for their families. These kids are even more at risk of leaving school if their parents are disabled or ill.

Two-thirds of students in these rural regions do not attend high school, so any hope of a job which might finally break the family’s cycle of poverty is almost non-existent.


In addition, many studies have shown that girls who receive access to education end up having more control and freedom over their futures. We have seen this firsthand with the teen girls we have worked with in both orphanages and in rural areas.


It is for all of these reasons that LWB believes that  investing in a child’s education is a very real and tangible way to make a profound difference in his or her life.


During the month of April, we will be introducing you to some of the students currently in our education programs who are in need of committed sponsors. Past graduates of this program have gone on to become nurses, teachers, computer programmers, and more. These students frequently tell us that their success would not have been possible without the help of their sponsors.


We hope as you read their stories that you will share the news that they are in need of people to believe in their dreams.


Together we can continue changing the world, one life at a time.

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