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Arrival and Preparations in Kaifeng

The cleft exchange medical team has arrived safely to Kaifeng in anticipation of the surgeries beginning early Monday morning. In addition, 26 babies arrived on Sunday from orphanages throughout China, and our team helped them get settled into the hospital. We wonder if you can identify the province this group was from by their baby carriers?

We have four wonderful physicians on this trip from Minnesota – Dr. John Ness, Dr. Chris Tolan, Dr. Neil Derechin, and Dr. Kathy Clinch. They spent Sunday doing pre-op physicals on the children and making sure each child was in good health for their life changing operations.

Ducky is getting ready for surgery as well! He is used by our medical team to explain to the children and nannies what will happen on their surgery day. Here he is showing off his “no nos” so the kids will understand what will be on their arms when they wake up.

The Chinese and US medical teams went through an OR check on Sunday, and the doctors made sure everything was in place so the surgeries can begin.

Several families with rural children have come to the hospital as well, hoping for their children to be healed. This mom was so very young, and her baby is extremely little as well, but we are hopeful surgery still can be done this week.

We want to give a huge shout out of thanks to all the wonderful people who made handmade bibs for this cleft trip and to those who donated toys and beanie babies. The nannies and children were very happy to receive your gifts of love.

The day is not without its sadness.  Some children arrive and are just not heavy enough to have a safe surgery.  Also, we had some rural families arrive, and it’s just not possible to help some of these children due to complexity or health. LWB, however, will be doing its best to track them and assist with our Unity Fund.

Surgeries begin in China first thing Monday morning. The current schedule for the first day is for Dr. Ness to perform surgery on Rosie, Katherine, Emma, and Willie, and for Dr. Tolan to operate on Shannon, Steven, Asher, and Josh. Stay tuned!

~Chris Ingoldsby, LWB Board Member. Chris will be spending this next week helping to lead our Cleft Exchange Trip and is sharing his thoughts with us each day.


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  • Grandma Ness says:

    Thankful for doctors to share their skills with the needy children especially thinking of one on his birthday Praying for good health and success. Grandma Ness