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One day my daughter was fingering her collection of key chains dangling from her backpack and asked me, “Mom, what do you collect”?

I had to slow down and think about that because what first came to mind was flippant—dust, books and newspapers next to my bedside table, grocery store receipts in my pocketbook! Generally, I purposely avoid collecting “stuff”. I dislike clutter.

However, I dug deep and was able to answer honestly that I collect my children’s artwork.

The walls of our family’s garage are completely plastered with my kid’s artwork from school. On Labor Day weekend, we hold an informal art show, save a few keepsakes and enjoy our “ripping party” as we clear the walls for next year.

That answer satisfied my daughter and made me think of all the kids in our Believe In Me School programs that create art as part of their school experience….who is collecting and cherishing their artwork?

Today, I offer you a small and unique collection of art produced by the wonderful students in our Believe In Me School at Jingzhou in Hubei Province. These children are absolutely alive with the delight of having a chance to draw and color and create with purpose—to delight their teachers, to share with a friend and have photographed by our school’s manager for their sponsor.

Take a couple of moments and enjoy these beautiful pieces of art!

To learn more about our Believe In Me School please go to our website at http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/education_believe_in_me.cfm

Linda Mitchell
Believe In Me Jingzhou Coordinator

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