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Art Contest in Sokhem Village

We have been working hard to get art, music, and creative writing integrated into the curriculum of our Believe In Me schools in Cambodia. To get the parents excited about art education, we recently held our first Believe In Me Sokhem School Art Contest and are proud to announce the winners!

Nine-year-old Allie came in first place, with her drawings of an ox, house, and eating noodles. She did all of those completely on her own, and we are so impressed with her raw talent. Perhaps she will become a professional artist someday.

Nine-year-old Victor came in second place. He is part of our Safe Haven foster care, which is why we won’t be showing his face. We can assure you, however, that Victor is SO proud of his drawing.

Victor has really struggled after being rescued from his abusers. Our Cambodia Director, Leng, has been using art therapy with him as a way to share what he went through, and that is how Leng learned what a talent this young boy has for drawing. Victor told our team that drawing makes him feel happy and release his stress, so we want to do anything we can to encourage him. This win will be a great boost to his self-esteem.

Nine-year-old Antonia came in third place with her colorful picture of a house. Leng was very happy that she will be recognized at the ceremony as she tries so hard at everything she does at school.

The three winners will get an art certificate as well as 100 pounds of rice plus cooking oil and soy sauce plus the satisfaction of knowing that their hard work and creativity are valued.

Here’s the best news. A wonderfully kind supporter donated enough for every child who participated in the art contest to get a 50-pound bag of rice!

We are so pleased to see the results of integrating art and creativity into our Believe In Me curriculum and are extremely proud of these three winning artists.

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  • LWB says:

    Thank you, Alison! These kids inspire us each and every day.

  • alison smith says:

    With all the bad news in the media it’s so wonderful to see such goodness and hope and inspiration! It’s powerful and wonderful! Great job LWB!!