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Arthur’s Heart Surgery

Earlier this week, we introduced you to little Arthur who had just arrived at the hospital in Shanghai (See “The Arrival of Arthur“).

Arthur sleeping 3.14.16

Born with a very serious heart defect called pulmonary atresia which meant that he wasn’t getting enough oxygen in his blood, Arthur’s lips and hands appeared blue.

Arthur's hand 3.14.16

The day after these photos were taken, Arthur’s situation became critical. Doctors were planning to perform a cardiac catheterization but they didn’t have time, so they went ahead with BT shunt surgery without knowing exactly what was facing them inside his little chest.

Three and a half hours later, the surgery was complete and Arthur was in the ICU recovering.

Arthur2 3.17.16

Fortunately, surgery went better than expected, although doctors are still a bit concerned by his blood pressure numbers.

Arthur's status 3.17.16

Hopefully, Arthur will stabilize just as quickly as possible.

Arthur ICU 3.17.16

For now he remains in Fudan University Children’s Hospital in Shanghai, one of the top pediatric hospitals in China. Hopefully when Arthur is stronger, he will become a resident at one of our healing homes.

Arthur 3.17.16

We would be so grateful for any and all thoughts and prayers on this beautiful boy’s behalf.

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