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Arya, Then and Now

Last August the staff at LWB’s Anhui Healing Home (AHH) was contacted about taking in an infant girl with cleft lip and palate. Arya, as she came to be known, was just a few weeks old; so this was a wonderful opportunity to provide nurturing care and surgery at the earliest possible date. This is so important as the feeding difficulties associated with cleft lip and palate can lead to a rapid decline in a baby’s health after birth. Arya arrived at AHH at one month old weighing 2.6 kg (5.7 pounds).

Initially Arya was a bit of a fussy baby, but over the following weeks she grew quite attached to her nanny and learned to find joy in observing the world around her. Not one for laying about, Arya wanted to be up where she could see everything happening in the room, babble to her nanny, and greet visitors. By November Arya had reached a weight of 5.35 kg (11.79 pounds) and was ready to have surgery on her lip.

Surgery went well, and, although Arya developed a severe post-op cough, she was able to recuperate back at AHH and was quickly nursed back to health. In December Arya was ready to be discharged to LWB’s Foster Care Program for the next part of her life’s journey. With a lovely new smile, this sweet girl can now be registered for adoption. By this time next year, beautiful and inquisitive little Arya may even be blessing family of her own! Have a wonderful life, little lady!

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