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About three weeks ago, we learned of a little boy with Down Syndrome who needed immediate help. The photos we saw showed a seven-month-old baby who looked more like a newborn. His furrowed brow and skinny arms touched our hearts, and of course we agreed to do what we could to find out why he could not gain weight. His orphanage allowed us to move him immediately to the hospital for testing and IV nutrition.

Auden 9.15

The testing we did showed that Auden was unable to process normal formula due to a severe allergy, so his body had become extremely weak. Due to his compromised state, he developed an infection and high fevers. Auden was an extremely sick little boy, but he continued to fight on.

Auden 9.28.15

At last, Auden began to stabilize. Although at first he didn’t like his new synthetic formula, his appetite improved and he became more stable. Auden’s main issue now is gaining weight and growing stronger! He has just discharged to one of our healing homes where we know the nannies will work on putting on the pounds and removing the worried wrinkles from his forehead.

Auden 10.8.15

When we agree to take a child into our care, we estimate the amount needed for his or her medical care. With Auden, we estimated that his total amount would be approximately $2,500, as hospital costs can run over $300 a day.  In Auden’s case, we also needed to add on the cost of his special formula which is $40 a can.

Auden HH intake 10.19.15

We rely on donations in any amount to help us meet the costs of medical care for babies like Auden. At this time, we have raised just a portion of the total amount needed for his care. We still need over $1,200 to cover his medical bill.  October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and we believe Auden’s life is so important.

Would you consider a gift today to help this beautiful boy?  No amount is too small, as it is when we come together as a community that real healing takes place.

  • Donate towards Auden’s medical expenses here.

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