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Ava’s Fundraiser To Help Orphans

Several weeks ago, we received a letter that touched our hearts.

Dear Love Without Boundaries,

My name is Ava. I will be 7 years old in March. I am very thankful for all of you. You took care of my little brother at your Heartbridge Healing Home in China. You gave us a lot of pictures of him, too. He was with you from October or November 2015 to April 2016. His name is Nathan. His Love Without Boundaries name was Malcolm.

I started a fundraiser to raise money for orphans. I did this because I was praying for orphans for a couple of nights by myself. Then I got my easel out one morning and thought to do a fundraiser for orphans. I wrote on my easel that I was raising money for orphans. Then I put cups on my easel for people to put money in.

It started small then got bigger. Then over 50 people ending up giving money. I know God did that. I am happy so many people love orphans like my family does. I raised over $750 dollars.

I told everyone about Love Without Boundaries and that I am giving the money to you. My parents are going to help me mail the checks to you this week. Will you please have this money go to the healing homes?

My mommy is attaching some pictures of me and my easel. This is how I updated everyone on how much money I had. My mommy posted on Facebook for me.

Here is a picture of me with my older brother, Caleb, and Nathan too. We love him so much.

I hope you are able to do a lot with the money I raised. Thank you for taking care of orphans.



P.S. I wrote this verse on my thank you letters because I thought of this verse when I did the fundraiser:  “I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you.” John 14:18

Ava raised enough funds to be able to sponsor baby Camilla in our Heartbridge Healing Home for a whole year.

We are so very grateful to Ava for believing that she could make a difference in the life of an orphan. We have no doubt that young people are going to change the world…for the better!

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  • Irene Brown says:

    I know this family from Furst Baptist Church of Lyman, S. C. They are a very loving, caring family. Miss Ava is a very sweet little lady so it is no surprise that she would be inspired to do this. You can tell they all love Nathan and it has been great to see how far he has progressed since they brought him home. He seems to be very happy and loved.