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Baby Carson

A guest blog by Stefani Ellison

The calendar said it was the first day of Spring 2012 but the biting cold was more like mid-winter. I had just entered the children’s section of the SWI I was visiting and the worried nannies brought first to me a child who needed immediate help. They carried in a bundle of heavy quilts. As I peeled back each thick blanketed layer, there was the tiny face of a baby. A baby boy with big and intense eyes fanned by his long thin fingers. This baby boy latched right onto my heart as he reached out and latched my finger with his wee hand. I guessed this child couldn’t be more than 2-3 months old. I was very wrong. He was would soon be two in June.

The nannies carefully laid him down before me to show me their concern. This child, who couldn’t have weighed more than 10 lbs, had a spinal meningocele on his lower spine that was as large as his head. It took all my control not to weep. After he was wrapped back up I asked to hold him. I rocked him and whispered in his ear that he would be helped. The world would not forsake him. I promised him that.

The local hospital was helpless to assist him. They well understood that he needed more resources than they could provide. The nannies pleaded for help. They have witnessed the transformation of baby “Valentina”, his cribmate, whom they sent to Love Without Boundaries True Children’s Healing Home and asked if I could please ask them to help this child too. LWB arranged for Baby Carson to be sent to Shanghai for evaluation and surgery last week. Today he will have his operation. I am asking all of you to keep this child in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers. It will be a life changing day for Carson today. Now he can move his legs. He may lose this after surgery as his meningocele is so large and he has waited so long.

We are praying for a miracle.

Stefani Ellison
China Waiting Child Advocate/Resource Coordinator
Children’s House International

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