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Baby Christine and Baby Tessa

At the very end of February, on a winter night that dropped to just 24 degrees, a tiny newborn baby was found outside in the cold. Sadly she wasn’t found quickly, and by the time she was taken to a nearby orphanage, she was in respiratory distress which soon led to pneumonia. LWB was happy to help with her emergency hospitalization.

Baby Christine, as she came to be called, was admitted to the NICU. Thankfully with antibiotics, a warm incubator, and lots of care by the hospital nurses and doctors, she was able to be discharged to our Anhui Healing Home yesterday. Although she is still very tiny, we know she is mighty.

Baby Christine, welcome to the LWB family! ¬†We can’t wait to watch you grow and help you learn just how wonderful and precious we all think you are.

While Christine was moving to our healing home, we received a call from another orphanage about another preemie who had just been found on her own with low body temperature. This tiny girl weighed 1.5 kilograms and was not eating.

We have named her Tessa and brought her to the hospital for evaluation and care. Hopefully, Tessa will begin eating and can soon join baby Christine in our healing home.

As you can see, our work never stops. We rely on our Emergency Medical Fund to allow us to say “yes” to new babies like Christine and Tessa, and we’re so grateful to everyone who recognizes its importance and supports this important resource!

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